Boat Dealer Analysis & Reporting
What if you could see in detail exactly what’s happening in your local market including the boats being sold by your competition and where they are being sold? Would that information help you better plan your business to increase share? … You bet it would. That’s precisely what you get with MarineMetrix dealer analysis and reporting.

Your MarineMetrix dealer report is customized for the boat lines that you carry and for the territory that you cover (by county). Separate report segments for each of your boat lines show competitive share trends, with details down to each length grouping. Tune up your sales team’s competitive skills by focusing specifically on segments exhibiting competitive inroads. No more hoping that you order the right boats – track trends in the market and match your ordering to market demand.

A Missed Opportunity Analysis shows you by county where you are under penetrated AND how many more boats you could sell by getting your market share up to target levels. Spend your scarce marketing dollars where you can get the most return.

In addition your MarineMetrix report includes the 5000’ view of your surrounding markets. This part of the report looks at global boat business trends in your vicinity by size class, geography and by make. Trends by make of boat are particularly helpful when you are considering new lines. You will see very clearly which brands are doing well and which are struggling.

Your MarineMetrix dealer report delivers actionable local information. Develop plans and programs to grow your business that work quickly and efficiently because they’re based on solid local market knowledge. E-mail us for sample reports and pricing.