Introducing MarineMetrix
MarineMetrix provides customized market analysis and reporting to marine businesses (boat manufacturers and dealers). Your revenues go up and down with the market – the only way to know whether you’re gaining or losing traction is to monitor your market share. MarineMetrix shows you in detail how your business is performing compared to each of your competitors in the market that you serve.
Identify the opportunities and issues you need to address to grow your business. Measure the effectiveness of business development plans and programs. MarineMetrix is all about growing your business based on solid foundation local market information. No more guessing what works and what doesn’t – MarineMetrix shows you exactly what’s happening based on new boat registrations for you and your competitors – at last you have a reliable yardstick to measure your marine business performance.
What’s different about MarineMetrix? When you want to understand your business you need detailed reports aligned to your unique situation. That’s why your MarineMetrix reports are customized for your business. You don’t have to grind through mounds of data that may or may not contain the information you need. It’s like having your own market analyst on staff providing the specific actionable information your need to grow your business.