Boat Manufacturer Analysis & Reporting
If you search a bit on the web, it’s pretty easy to find boat market statistics in the country overall, you can probably even identify trends in the class(es) of boats that you make. From that data you can get a rough sense of your national share of market, but what if want to do better? What are the issues and opportunities which, if addressed, will leverage the most business growth? Where has your competition gained share at your expense? Which dealers are pulling their weight and which ones need help? MarineMetrix can answer these questions for you. It’s much easier to grow your business when you know in detail what needs to be done and you have a way to measure your progress.

A MarineMetrix analysis is based on your market as defined by nationwide registrations of new boats from you and all of your competitors. Each registration record includes details of the boat (length, propulsion, hull type, etc.) as well as owner location by state and county. Two or three years of data is used to establish recent trends. From this wealth of data many custom analyses and reports are possible, two of the more popular are shown below.
Dealer performance analysis combines your internal sales to dealer data with market data showing dealer share of their local market. MarineMetrix dealer reports allow you to rank your dealers in terms of their share of their local market. In addition you can clearly see whether each dealer is gaining or losing local share. MarineMetrix takes the guesswork out of dealer channel management – share of local market is a metric that applies equally to all dealers.
Have you ever wondered if there were pockets of opportunity that you were missing in the market? MarineMetrix solves the mystery with a Missed Opportunity Analysis. The result is a map (to the county level) showing how many more boats you could be selling if you achieved your target share of market throughout the country. You will quickly be able to identify and prioritize the gaps in your dealer network.

The bottom line – MarineMetrix points the way to grow your business. Call or e-mail us to receive sample reports.

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